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Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign in Frisco, TX?

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign

When it comes to straightening your teeth, Invisalign has become a popular and effective option. With its clear aligners and discreet appearance, many people are considering Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces. But how do you know if you are a good candidate for Invisalign in Frisco? In this blog post, we will explore […]

Can Dentures Be Fitted to Receding Gums?

Can Dentures Be Fitted to Receding Gums

Dentures in Frisco are an excellent restorative solution for people missing most or all of their teeth. They are comfortable, affordable, and will restore your ability to chew and smile. But if you also have receding gums, you may wonder if your Frisco dentist will be able to fit the dentures. This short article from […]

Can A Root Canal Cause A Sinus Infection?

Can A Root Canal Cause A Sinus Infection

If you’ve had a root canal at Parklane Family Dentistry or another dental practice in the Frisco area and are now noticing symptoms of a sinus infection, you might be confused. Can a root canal lead to a sinus infection? If you search for answers online, other people may claim the same thing happened to […]

What Is The Tooth Extraction Healing Timeline?

What Is The Tooth Extraction Healing Timeline

No matter how badly damaged a tooth is, Frisco dentist Dr. Parul Vashisht will try to avoid an extraction.  But despite all the modern tools and methods modern dentistry provides, sometimes a tooth needs to be removed. If you’re about to get one soon, you might wonder what the healing will look like. Check out […]

Can You Fix An Overbite With Invisalign?

Can You Fix An Overbite With Invisalign?

If you are dealing with an overbite, the great news is that you have lots of treatment options thanks to modern dentistry! One of the most popular ways to fix various types of overbites is actually through Invisalign in Frisco. Clear aligners have revolutionized orthodontic treatments and have offered people a very discreet way to […]

Do You Have To Brush Veneers?

do you have to brush veneers

Oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of enjoying healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.  But there are moments when our teeth need to be taken care of not only by having proper oral hygiene but also by restoring them through dental procedures, like cosmetics, surgical treatment, or orthodontics.  If you are looking […]

How Long Do Veneers Last?

How long do veneers last?

Interested in veneers in Frisco? Considering the cost of the procedure, as well as the fact that it’s irreversible, then you likely want to make sure your veneers will offer you the smile you want for a long time. The good news is that they can: with the right care, your veneers can last as […]

Can You Whiten Veneers?

Can You Whiten Veneers

Veneers are thin dental prosthetics designed to improve a person’s smile, whether it’s because of staining or discoloration, gaps between teeth, irregularly sized-teeth, or other cosmetic issues. It’s a permanent procedure, which means you can enjoy your new smile for decades. Some people can even wear their veneers for as long as 20 years or […]

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last

Do you have a chipped or broken tooth? Do you want to cover a tooth that is discolored or misshapen? Dental crowns are the option for you. Dental crowns can help you: Restore a broken or cracked tooth Protect a weak tooth from breaking Hold a dental bridge Protect a tooth after having a root […]

Is a Root Canal a Dental Emergency?

Is A Root Canal A Dental Emergency

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures that people are afraid of. The reason is simple: root canals are necessary to treat infected teeth. But, by the time you get to the point where you need a root canal, you can most likely expect high levels of pain and discomfort. At this […]