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Frisco Halitosis Treatment

Bad breath is a common malady in the United States. Over 50 million people have chronic halitosis. For some people, changing their oral hygiene practices may clear it up. Proper brushing and flossing techniques and cleaning your tongue can help your breath stay smelling fresh. However, this simple cure does not work for everyone. Finding a solution that works for you depends on discovering the cause of the problem.

Treatment for halitosis will vary according to the source. For example, decaying teeth can cause mouth odor. In this situation, getting those teeth fixed will solve the problem. This could mean cleaning out the decay and filling the teeth with general dentistry. In some cases, it could also mean extracting a tooth if it is severely decayed and beyond repair.

Advanced gum disease is also another cause of bad breath. Infection in the gums can cause odors. Addressing periodontitis will not only give you better smelling breath, it will also prevent you from losing your teeth.

If Dr. Vashisht is unable to find a dental cause for your halitosis, you will be advised to check with your primary care physician. Gastric problems can also cause breath odor. If the source of the problem is not related to your mouth, it is important that you follow up to find the cause. Breath odor can be indicative of serious health problems.

Treatment for Bad Breath

Most people get bad breath from the buildup of volatile sulfur compounds on the back of the tongue. When large amounts of these compounds accumulate, they can cause odor. Proteins that are being broken down by bacteria in the mouth produce the offending compounds. You may have heard of people brushing or cleaning the back of the tongue. This is the reason for that practice. It can eliminate bad breath.

If you suffer from chronic mouth odor, make an appointment with Dr. Vashisht for an oral exam. Once she finds the cause of your problem, a solution can be implemented. Contact Parklane Family Dentistry today and book your appointment.


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