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Aesthetic Orthodontics for Adults in Frisco, TX

There has been a recent surge in older adults getting their teeth straightened. Along with that comes the desire to have it done as inconspicuously as possible. In fact, many adults prefer orthodontic methods that are not as visible instead of the familiar traditional silver wires and brackets.

Thanks to aesthetic orthodontics, it is possible to have your teeth straightened with more traditional braces without it being quite as noticeable as in years past. There has been a growing demand for aesthetic braces, and the industry has responded with improvements in materials for archwires and brackets. In addition to being less visible, both are smaller than they have been in the past.

Clear brackets are now available, and it is possible to get coated archwires as well. These provide the force needed to move teeth into alignment without calling attention to the braces. Constant improvements are being made in this field, as there is still value in using the traditional method of braces for moving teeth in many instances.

Aesthetic Orthodontics for Children

Kids who need braces can often feel self-conscious at the thought of wearing a mouth full of metal brackets and wires for years. With the appearance of aesthetic orthodontics, this is becoming less and less of a concern.

Brackets can be made to look nearly invisible, and archwires are thinner and less noticeable. If your child needs traditional braces to straighten their teeth, speak with Dr. Vashisht about using aesthetic orthodontics. Your child will appreciate the difference attention to these little details can make.

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