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Nightguard for Bruxism

Every day, millions of people of all ages clench and grind their teeth throughout the night while they sleep. When a child does this, he or she will most likely outgrow the practice in a few years. For most kids grinding their teeth is not a problem, except for the parents who may be listening. For adults, the story is different.

Chronic teeth grinding, or bruxism, can be a real problem without general dental care as well as a real pain in the jaw. In some cases, it can also affect the head, neck and shoulders. Every day tremendous pressure is put on the teeth when we chew. Your second molar may receive as much as 168 pounds of pressure when you bite down. The amount of pressure exerted on all your teeth at once is tremendous.

The muscles and ligaments at your jaw joint are affected each time you bite down. Sleep is normally the time muscles and ligaments have a chance to relax and repair through natural processes. However, when you are constantly grinding and clenching your teeth, your muscles do not have an opportunity to relax. As a result, the jaw joint becomes overworked and sore.

Bruxism also causes additional wear and tear on the teeth. The enamel becomes thinner, sometimes wearing away altogether for those with severe bruxism. Protecting your teeth with a nightguard can save them from chips and breakage as well as alleviate the stress on your jaw joint.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding – Bruxism

Getting the problem correctly diagnosed is the first step to getting proper treatment. If a nightguard will help stop your bruxism, Frisco dentist Dr. Vashisht will recommend the type that will best suit your particular situation. Nightguards are dental appliances that fit over your teeth the same way a protective mouthguard fits over the teeth of an athlete. These guards prevent the teeth from coming together. They act as a barrier between the teeth so the enamel does not get worn down. They also eliminate the pressure caused when the teeth grind together.

The damage caused by bruxism can affect your overall health as well as your oral health. Getting the problem diagnosed and adequately treated is important for your well-being. Eliminate the problems caused by clenching and teeth grinding by making an appointment to visit Dr. Vashisht. Contact Parklane Family Dentistry today.


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