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Frisco Oral Cancer Screening

The most treatable cancers in the body are those which occur in the mouth. Unfortunately, few people are aware of this. Consequently, many oral cancers go undetected until they reach the less curable later stages of development. About 80% of the general population misses out on having an examination for oral cancers.

The mortality rate for oral cancers is much higher than it needs to be when considered against the backdrop of the curability rate. If it is discovered in the early stages, most of these types of cancers are readily cured with proper treatment.

Many oral cancers do not present with symptoms such as pain or an alarming appearance, and they often go undetected. Most oral cancers are squamous cell carcinomas. Looking at your mouth in the mirror may not lead you to find a problem, if there is one. However, with general dentistry, Dr. Vashisht knows exactly what to look for when she performs an oral cancer screening. This simple exam may save your life.

Identify Mouth Cancer Early

The painless process of screening for oral cancers only takes a few minutes. Dr. Vashisht will examine your tongue, cheeks, lips and neck for any signs of concern. Most oral cancers are readily detectable with this simple screening.

If you have any lesions in the mouth or patches that are red/white and do not heal within two weeks’ time, you should make an appointment and have Dr. Vashisht examine the area. Lumps or nodules that appear around your soft tissues should also be examined. Oral cancers often first present with an appearance similar to that of a canker sore.

When you come to Parklane Family Dentistry, we perform comprehensive dental exams including oral cancer screenings. However, if you see or feel something unusual in your mouth or around your neck, do not hesitate to contact our office today, and make an appointment for an exam. Early detection of oral cancer yields your best chance of surviving it.


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