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What Is The Tooth Extraction Healing Timeline?

What Is The Tooth Extraction Healing Timeline

No matter how badly damaged a tooth is, Frisco dentist Dr. Parul Vashisht will try to avoid an extraction. 

But despite all the modern tools and methods modern dentistry provides, sometimes a tooth needs to be removed.

If you’re about to get one soon, you might wonder what the healing will look like. Check out this guideline to understand the tooth extraction healing timeline.

The 4 Stages of Tooth Extraction Healing 

First 24 hours

After a tooth is pulled out, a blood clot quickly forms in its place to protect all the sensitive tissue from exposure. 

This blood clot is paramount to healing, so it’s crucial to protect it until the extraction site closes. This means not brushing the site and eating on the other side of the mouth for a few days.

On this first day, you can expect a bit of bleeding and some pain and swelling. It’s perfectly normal, and you should not worry unless your discomfort is severe.

The next 48 hours

Swelling usually peaks 2-3 days after the extraction, so you should apply a cold compress to your cheek or take anti-inflammatory medication to control pain as well.

Ibuprofen or something similar is usually the best in these cases. You should avoid aspirin since it’s a blood thinner that can increase your risk of bleeding.

The next 72 hours

By this point, the bleeding should mostly stop. You may still feel some discomfort, but it’s usually caused by pressure applied to the extraction site, so continue to eat on the other side of the mouth.

By this point, the extraction site is mostly healed, and any discomfort you may feel will be minor. 

One week after the extraction

Most people usually fully heal from a tooth extraction in 7 days. At this stage, you can resume normal activities and should not feel any more pain or swelling.

If you notice any lingering symptoms, you should reach out to your dentist right away.

Tips to Support Tooth Extraction Healing 

Here’s what you can do after a tooth extraction to ensure you stick to the healing timeline and protect the blood clot:

  • Avoid smoking or tobacco products
  • Gently rinse the mouth with saline water for 1-2 days
  • Don’t spit when rinsing, and instead lean over the sink to allow the liquid to fall out
  • Brush your teeth as normal, but skip over the extraction site
  • Avoid working out or strenuous physical activities for a few days
  • Eat soft foods that require less chewing for the first 2–3 days
  • Avoid hard and crumbly foods

If you’ve recently gotten a tooth extracted and are now in serious pain, you may be experiencing a dry socket due to a dislodged blood clot.

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