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Can You Fix An Overbite With Invisalign?

Can You Fix An Overbite With Invisalign?

If you are dealing with an overbite, the great news is that you have lots of treatment options thanks to modern dentistry!

One of the most popular ways to fix various types of overbites is actually through Invisalign in Frisco. Clear aligners have revolutionized orthodontic treatments and have offered people a very discreet way to straighten their teeth and fix jaw alignment issues.

If you’ve been looking into Invisalign, you probably read that these aligners aren’t ideal for all types of alignment issues. And while that’s true, these aligners have come a long way over the years and can fix a wider variety of dental issues than ever before!

So Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?

In short? Yes!

Invisalign can help treat mild and even moderate overbites. Essentially, the treatment involves getting a set of aligners custom-made to fit your teeth. You will have to wear the aligners for around 20-22 hours every day throughout your treatment.

The aligners will then slowly start pulling your teeth into their most optimal position, and by doing this, they will reduce your overbite too. 

Even better, Invisalign now has some special attachments that orthodontists can use for more complicated cases. Invisalign can be combined with both with buttons and elastics to help apply more pressure on certain teeth and better control their movement. This has allowed the treatment to become accessible to many more patients.

How Long Does It Take to Fix an Overbite with Invisalign?

The treatment length can be influenced by lots of different factors:

  • The type of overbite and its severity
  • Patient age
  • How well do the teeth respond to treatment
  • How well patients follow recommendations, etc.

It can take anywhere between 6 months and 2 years to fix an overbite with Invisalign, possibly even more depending on your specific case. Your orthodontist will provide an estimate of a timeline for your case, but you should know it’s not definitive.

How Can You Know If Invisalign Is Right for You?

If you have an overbite, the only way to know for sure if Invisalign is right for you is to see Frisco dentist Dr. Parul Vashisht for a consultation.

Based on a thorough assessment of your teeth and bite, Dr. Vashisht can recommend the best course of action that can heal your condition and get you the results you want. 

Severe cases of overbites will need to go through traditional metal braces. Parklane Family Dentistry offers both Invisalign and traditional metal braces to help our patients get the very best results.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to get your overbite fixed and tap into a personalized treatment plan devised by Dr. Vashisht, you only have one thing left to do:

Book a consultation at Parklane Family Dentistry online and stop by for your first appointment.

Have more questions about our services or Invisalign? Then contact us today for more information!