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What Causes a Chipped Tooth?

Did you know that having cracked or chipped teeth are more common than a lot of people think? Cracking or chipping your teeth can range from a small cosmetic issue to a significant emergency. This will depend on the severity of the injury. Without proper treatment, these conditions will continue to affect your smile as well as your dental health. For that reason, you must avail of chipped tooth repair, a service we offer at Parklane Family Dentistry.


If you want to avoid chipped tooth to keep your smile healthy and attractive, here are the causes that you should watch out for!

Having a bad bite

If you have a bad bite, there is a high chance that you’ll chip or crack a tooth because of how your teeth are aligned. This fact is indeed unfortunate, as some of your teeth may be put under much greater pressure or force than others, causing more chips and cracks. Remember to keep up with your dental visits because your dentist should be able to spot the signs and recommend a treatment for you.

Playing sports without a mouthguard

With zestful movements, comes risk for your teeth. If you are running around with a bunch of people, there is a high chance of collisions and tripping that can lead to an accident that will chip your teeth. May it be playing professional hockey or a quick pickup game of basketball, the risk is present. In fact, even sports that are labeled as “non-contact” may come with a surprising amount of contact. So whenever you are participating in sports, have some protection for your teeth.

Using your teeth as tools

The design of your teeth is for specific jobs such as eating, talking, and smiling. Your teeth are not designed to act as scissors, bottle openers, or pliers. Thus, using your teeth as tools can seriously damage your teeth as well as your jaw. 

Having tongue or cheek piercings

Having a piercing in your tongue or cheek puts your teeth at a higher risk of having a cracked or chipped tooth. When a foreign metal object is introduced into your mouth, there’s a definite risk of damaging the enamel when it moves around. Aside from that, oral piercings can cause your gums to recede. It is best to think twice before you get these piercings and take good care of them if you decide to follow through.


If a chip on your teeth affects your smile and overall confidence, avail of Chipped Tooth Repair in Frisco, TX. Schedule an appointment with us at Parklane Family Dentistry and watch your smile transform. Find us at 1606 FM 423, Suite 200, Frisco, TX 75033.