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The Risks of Not Replacing Lost Teeth – Frisco, TX

Missing a tooth or two does not only pose problems with aesthetics, but it can also lead to oral and health complications. The loss of the front teeth can be distressing since it is more likely to change how people see themselves. On the other hand, loss of teeth that are located at the back is often disregarded for it does not have an impact on the appearance. However, do know that the back teeth are responsible for the chewing and digestion process. Compromising these structures can lead to various issues.

Thankfully, the advances in dentistry made way for the emergence of several dental restoration procedures. Patients now have different options to choose from depending on their needs, condition, and preferences.

At Parklane Family Dentistry, we want to encourage our patients with missing teeth to undergo restorations to keep their other structures intact and their oral health in good shape. We understand that despite the practice of proper hygiene and care, a patient can still lose their teeth. So to convince everyone about its importance, we listed down the possible dangers of living with missing teeth.

Crooked Teeth

After losing a tooth, a perfectly aligned smile will eventually change. Each tooth has its own space on the jaw; once a structure is lost, the adjacent teeth may begin to shift in an attempt to fill in the gap. Crooked teeth increase one’s risk of developing complications since they created a portion where floss and toothbrush would not be able to access. Harmful substances may begin to accumulate, leading to infections or cavities.

Bone Loss

The jawbone can stay healthy if it is stimulated by the biting and chewing forces. Without the teeth, the jaw will begin to deteriorate over time. As a result, the face may start to sink, making a person look older than their actual age. If its occurrence is not prevented, other teeth are more likely to be lost.

Reduced Abilities

Missing teeth can result in the difficulty of chewing foods that are essential for proper nutrition needed by the whole body. It can even cause a person to lisp when speaking or have problems in pronouncing certain words. Patients with tooth loss also tend to avoid any social gatherings that they once enjoyed with the fear of getting embarrassed.

At Parklane Family Dentistry, we offer a solution for our patients with tooth loss in the form of dentures. The procedure has been serving as the ideal restoration for many years. Although patients often choose dental implants over dentures, there are instances where the best course of action for their problem are partial dentures.


For more inquiries about Dentures in Frisco, TX and other restorative options, call us at Parklane Family Dentistry. You can visit us at 1606 FM 423, Suite 200 Frisco, TX 75033.