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Teeth Whitening in Frisco, TX Facts vs. Fictions

If there is a particular dental service that most people prefer to undergo nowadays, it is teeth whitening. Who would not want to have a bright, white smile, right? Due to the popularity of the said service, many brands decided to take advantage of the demand by offering their own products. Because of this, patients become confused about what is the best method to use in their aim for smile enhancements. We at Parklane Family Dentistry know the appropriate course of actions to take when it comes to teeth whitening, so we want our patients to realize this as well.

Facts vs. Fictions: Teeth Whitening

Coconut oil whitens teeth

There are claims that coconut oil is good for health. The said oil is even used in cooking, moisturizer products, and smoothies. What’s more is, swishing coconut oil in the mouth (oil pulling) is an effective way to get rid of teeth stains. However, this remains unclear since there is no evidence available to support these statements.

The effects of teeth whitening are permanent

Unfortunately, this is not the case with over the counter products or even with the professional teeth whitening approach. Whitened teeth may once again discolor, especially if the patient do not observe proper care and maintenance. However, if the patient follows the instruction given by the dentist, it is possible to enjoy bright looking smiles longer.

Teeth whitening toothpaste is effective

If there is one teeth whitening product that most people are aware of, it’s toothpaste. There are several companies which offer these “whitening” toothpaste; unfortunately, they do not provide favorable results. Do know that teeth whitening works if left on the enamel for a certain amount of time. Since brushing only lasts for more or less than two minutes, there are no visible results to be expected.

DIY whitening is safe

Some of the ingredients people use during DIY teeth whitening are baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, both are not effective whitening agents. The former option can disturb the proper balance of good and bad bacteria in the mouth while the latter may cause tissue damage when not applied accordingly.

OTC and Professional teeth whitening products offer the same result

Although store-bought teeth whitening products claim to have the same whitening agent as the professional approach, do know that it is not as effective. OTC products can only contain a limited amount of whitener for the safety of consumers. On the other hand, professional teeth bleaching can have higher amounts of whitening agents, and it is performed by an experienced dentist.


Do not settle for less when it comes to achieving healthy, bright smiles! Let us at Parklane Family Dentistry handle your Teeth Whitening needs in Frisco, TX. We are located at 1606 FM 423, Suite 200 Frisco, TX 75033.