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Signs That You Need to See the Dentist for Dental Cleanings Already – Frisco, TX

A good oral care routine can go a long way in keeping the overall oral health in good shape. It is something that everyone must practice to safeguard the teeth, mouth, and gums against cavities, diseases, and other complications. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can stop seeing the dental professional every six months.

Regular dental visits are indeed beneficial. By going to the dentist twice a year, one can prevent tooth decay which is the most common oral problem to both young and adults. If you are looking for an excellent family dentist in Frisco, TX, Parklane Family Dentistry is all that you need! Our practice is passionate about giving our patients the dental health that they always deserve. We are committed to providing effective, safe, and appropriate procedures to help everyone achieve a healthy smile.

Our practice offers Cleanings & Checkups services. Patients are intended to receive these procedures on a regular basis, specifically two times per year. Included in these services are professional teeth cleanings, dental examinations with the use of digital x-rays (if needed), and oral cancer screening. Our dentist may also suggest preventive treatments for added protection.


See Us Upon Noticing These!

If you experience the discomforts listed here below, then it is time to visit us at Parklane Family Dentistry for teeth cleanings! The occurrence of oral complications may be because of the poor compliance with the rules of routine dental checkups.

  • Bad breath indicates that you need extra cleaning in your mouth. Despite the condition being a result of different factors, still, bacteria is the primary lead. Professional dental cleanings will eliminate undesirable accumulations in your mouth to free it from the malodor.
  • Tartar build-ups often occur if one fail to visit the dentist for cleanings and checkups. The purpose of professional dental cleaning is to remove plaque on the teeth that toothbrush is unable to diminish. When these unwanted particles are left unattended, the consequence would be tartar.
  • Gum disease symptoms like inflammations, gum recessions, swelling, and tenderness may also arise if the person did not prioritize dental cleanings and checkups. Remember, one of the worst conditions associated by periodontal disease is tooth loss. We at Parklane Family Dentistry encourage you to go to the dentist before the issue ruins your general health and well-being.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Cleanings & Checkups in Frisco, TX. Book your appointment with us at Parklane Family Dentistry and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!