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Keep Your Dentures Clean and Bright with These Tips!

Aside from being a cosmetic concern, tooth loss is also an issue that can affect a person’s speaking and eating abilities. If left untreated, it can lead to numerous problems that are not only exclusive to the mouth. Fortunately, the availability of dentures made it possible for people who have lost their teeth to keep on smiling and living just like before. So, to make this last, it is imperative for patients to perform the best practices that will keep the appliance in excellent shape. At Parklane Family Dentistry, we do not just stop after providing the restorative device. We also want our patients to use the tool to its full potential and lifespan. So to make this possible, here are some tips we prepared!


Do not use toothpaste

Although the said oral care product is essential to use for the teeth, know that it can actually harm dentures. Toothpaste can comprise the appliance in the long run due to abrasiveness. As an alternative, patients can use hand soap or dishwashing liquid. But before doing so, it is best to ask the opinion of the dentist.

Keep moist

There are types of dentures which need to be kept moist at all times. Patients should make sure not to leave the appliance out in the open when not worn. The best measure to take is to soak the device in water or a denture solution to keep them in good shape.

Always rinse

When removed, patients are advised to rinse the dentures (after soaking or cleaning) before putting them back in at all times.

Give the mouth a break

Patients are highly advised to give their mouth time to recover after a long day of wearing dentures by taking it off. The best time to do so is when sleeping, and it is the ideal chance to give the oral device a good soak.

Be gentle when cleaning

Although dentures nowadays are undeniably more durable than in the past, know that they can still be damaged due to negligence. To keep them from breaking it is advised for patients to clean the device in a sink filled with water or by placing a towel on the countertop to serve as a cushion when dropped accidentally.

See the dentist

Although dentures are artificial, it is still highly ideal for patients to book regular appointments as advised. During visits, they can monitor the state not only of the oral structures but the appliance as well so that necessary actions can be taken.

Make sure to follow the steps listed above and the ones specifically given by the dentist to enjoy the appliance that provided a second chance to one’s smile longer!


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