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Breath Friendly Foods to Try in Frisco, TX

Have you ever talked to someone and suddenly get uncomfortable after smelling an unpleasant odor on their mouth? While it may be awkward to confront them with this matter, you can actually treat them with foods that help fight bad breath!

But first things first, let us dig deep on what bad breath really is. The embarrassing odor in the mouth is commonly known as bad breath, but in medical term, it is called halitosis. Factors that cause this condition may include plaque build-up, gum inflammation, tooth decay, tobacco or cigarette smoking, and even health-related complications. It can sometimes be the result of eating odorous foods like garlic and onions.

People who have this condition may not be aware that they have it. Nevertheless, one can always detect it in many ways. Licking the back of the hand, using floss to clean the teeth, and scraping the tongue with a plastic spoon and smelling it after can help test if there is any unwanted odor formation.

Bad breath can be prevented and can always be treated. By performing good oral hygiene, practicing a healthy lifestyle, and eating the right foods, one can achieve a fresh and healthy breath. However, when all else fails, consult us at Parklane Family Dentistry for Halitosis Treatment! We guarantee our patients a reliable and effective solution possible. Moreover, we also want to recommend these healthy treats to keep your breath sweet!

Cheese. This dairy product can neutralize acids that causes a foul smell on the mouth.

Crunchies. Munching crispy apples, carrots, and celery can scrape off plaque and food debris left on the teeth.

A Cup of Black Tea. Polyphenols, a compound found in black tea prevents bacterial growth and decreases the production of stinky byproducts.

Sugar-free Gum. Chewing this product can increase saliva flow which in turn gets rid of dry mouth or xerostomia, the common source of bad breath.

A healthy mouth, teeth, and gums are essential in maintaining a fresher breath. The proper dental routine at home, as well as, halitosis treatment at the dentist with professional cleanings and checkups for preventive care is a must.


For inquiries about Halitosis Treatment in Frisco, TX, book an appointment with us at Parklane Family Dentistry. You can also visit us at 1606 FM 423, Suite 200 Frisco, TX 75033.