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Be Mindful of Your Oral Health in Frisco, TX: Simple Tips to Follow

Most people already know that brushing is essential in keeping their teeth healthy and strong. However, not everyone is aware that their practices can be harmful or insufficient for the teeth and other oral structures. There are more things that patients should observe to keep their oral health in good shape. It is vital for them to remember that oral complications do not only stay in the mouth, but it is also possible to spread in the body, leading to severe problems.

At Parklane Family Dentistry, we understand the consequences of bad habits and poor oral practices. Not only do they compromise one’s appearance but they can also put the person’s general health at risk. Who would want that, right? So we prepared a list of tips that patients should follow and keep in mind.


Oral Habits to Practice and Break

Limit sugar; snack smarter

It is now quite hard to avoid sugar since most foods contain the said ingredient. Do know that it is not the number of sugary treats that brings harm to the teeth but the frequent consumption. The more often a person eats sweets, the bigger the chance for bacteria to digest this sugar and produce acid that can lead to enamel wear and cavities.

Brush gently and not vigorously

Most people think that applying more pressure on a toothbrush can clean the teeth more. Unfortunately, this is a harmful practice that should be stopped. Vigorous brushing can cause damage to the oral structures; it can eventually lead to gum recession and increased teeth sensitivity. Make sure to brush the teeth in a 45-degree angle using gentle yet precise motions.

Right and wrong time for brushing

Brushing the teeth immediately after eating is a no-no. If acidic substances are consumed during meals, the teeth soften temporarily, making it vulnerable to wear. It is best to wait for about 30 minutes before brushing to make sure that the teeth are back to its original state.

Brush, floss, and rinse

Brushing alone would not suffice, flossing covers the 35 percent of the teeth that are missed by toothbrush bristles and rinsing gets rid of other particles left in the mouth. These three simple actions should be performed daily as a first line of defense against any complications.

Never miss dental appointments

Everyone should know that oral home care is not sufficient in keeping the overall oral health in shape. Assistance from dental professionals should be sought for they have means to detect any threats to dental health accurately. They could then provide the most appropriate solutions to prevent the issue from worsening.

If you are looking for a dental practice in Frisco, TX that can cater to your dental needs, consider visiting us at Parklane Family Dentistry!


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