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Avoid Root Canal Treatments with These Tips! – Frisco, TX

Root canals are one of the best dental treatments that can save people from a tooth infection. But as much as we want our patients to visit our dental clinic, we prefer seeing them in their healthiest smiles always. We hope that they will not come to a point where they need to spend hours in the dental chair receiving the slightly complicated endodontic therapy. So here are our lists of tips to keep their teeth protected and healthy.


Tips To Avoid Root Canals

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Early detection means early treatment. That said, we encourage everyone to visit us in our clinic every six months for dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings. Through dental exams, dentists can detect any issues that can lead to the need for root canals—like a chipped tooth, for example. Upon knowing the oral problem, the dental professional will then take immediate action to prevent it from furthering.

Perform Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing may sound simple. But in reality, some people often forget brushing their mouths two times a  day and cleaning their teeth further with floss at least once daily. Not following the proper oral hygiene practices can leave the mouth exposed to bacteria that can damage the roots of the teeth.

The teeth should not be used as tools

If the tooth cracks or breaks, it can allow the bacteria to gain access towards the nerve center. The key then is to keep the pearly whites intact. Be careful when eating hard foods and never use the teeth to open packages or plastic packets.

Cut Off Acidic Foods And Drinks

Soda and citrus juices are both refreshing drinks. But for the teeth, they are a jinx. These acidic beverages can erode the outer layer of the teeth. Since they contain sugar, the main enemy of the teeth, regular consumption of these drinks can lead to cavities—and later on, root canals.

Address Tooth Pain Right Away

When a toothache peaks in, never delay treatments. Pain in the tooth is a sign that something is not right with the pearly white. Here in our clinic, we offer tooth pain relief. Whether the cause of the discomfort is teeth sensitivity or decays, we got the solutions. By mending a toothache early, patients can decrease their risks of undergoing root canal treatments in the future.


Never Neglect a Tooth Pain!

There are many reasons why people suffer from toothache. They might feel discomfort when their tooth is affected by decays, or when their gums start to recede because of gum disease. Tooth pain also signals that an infection has reached the tooth’s nerve. As for the latter case, dental professionals usually necessitate patients for more complicated and extensive treatment, root canal therapy. So before this happens, patients need to seek professional assistance beforehand. Our dentist can perform a dental filling procedure for those who’s tooth pain is due to cavities. The treatment can relieve toothache and halt the progress of decays at the same time. If teeth sensitivity is experienced because of gum recession, we can provide periodontal therapy.


If you failed to follow the tips mentioned above and ended up with an infected tooth, schedule an appointment with us at Parklane Family Dentistry for Root Canal Therapy in Frisco, TX. You may visit our clinic at 1606 FM 423, Suite 200 Frisco, TX 75033.