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All about Aesthetic Orthodontics in Frisco

The need for aesthetic orthodontics is rapidly increasing. Many people want to attain the perfect smile to improve their appearance. Since appearance is undoubtedly an essential factor, demands continue to arise because patients are not comfortable in wearing braces that show. The traditional metal brackets are replaced with clear brackets to make the process as inconspicuous as possible. Through this, adults and children alike could enjoy orthodontics while maintaining a natural smile.

Aesthetic Orthodontics provides patients an experience that boosts their confidence in their daily life. We at Parklane Family Dentistry are committed to helping people regain their confidence and improve their dental health by providing services like Aesthetic Orthodontics.

Besides from improving appearance, here are the reasons why people consider aesthetic orthodontics:

  • Reduce the possibility of jaw joint damage
  • Make the maintenance of teeth and gums health a lot easier
  • Minimize the risks that come from teeth which are misaligned
  • The procedure prepares the teeth for other dental treatments
  • Reduce the possibility of jaw joint damage

Benefits of Aesthetic Orthodontics

  • Cosmetic. Some patients are uncomfortable with wearing traditional braces and want to have a treatment that is a lot unnoticeable. Aesthetic Orthodontics provide effective alignment of the tooth without metal showing or is transparent.
  • Removable. The aligners could be removed anytime especially during eating to avoid the uncomfortableness and could be placed back to the mouth to continue the alignment process. The braces allow the patient to enjoy foods by not getting in the way.
  • Straight Teeth. Aesthetic braces repairs misaligned teeth to reduce plaque by making the cleaning easier. The treatment also prepares the mouth for other dental procedure like implants.
  • Gum Health. If the teeth are aligned, the risk of gum inflammation is minimized. The treatment helps reduce causes of periodontal disease.
  • Hygienic. Translucent braces minimize the chances of food accumulation by getting stuck. The brackets then become a best hygienic treatment option.

Call and book your appointment at Parklane Family Dentistry at (469) 452-2998 for Aesthetic Orthodontics in Frisco. You can also visit us at 1606 FM 423, Suite 200, Frisco, TX 75033. We offer excellence in dentistry to every member of your family. Come and witness the difference we can make for your smile!